The school-based English curriculum integrates four essential language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Pupils learn English through active participation in different meaningful and interesting activities as various activities help foster pupils' interest to learn, strengthen their language abilities, develop their generic skills and better enable them to use the language.

To enhance pupils' reading abilities and encourage them to read English books, various programmes and schemes are organized such as Primary Literacy Programme-Reading (PLP-R), Reading Workshops, Extensive Reading Scheme, Morning Reading Scheme, Reading Partner Scheme, Bridging Programme and on-line reading programmes.

In order to help students converse about feelings, interests and experiences, our writing lessons move on stages from controlled writing, guided writing to independent writing. Self-assessment and peer assessment are adopted through the writing process.

Speaking and listening:
Pupils have opportunities to develop and enhance their speaking skills through English Day, English Funland, Speech Festival and oral classes. The deployment of Native-speaking English Teachers also helps establish a valuable language-rich environment.